univie summerschool: Interdisciplinary Gender Studies 2020

Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License; cover cut-out from www.leadinggroupsonline.org, published by Daniel Hunter © 2020 Daniel Hunter and Jeanne Rewa, drawings by Daphne Philippoussis.

September 21-25, 2020 the Interdisciplinary Gender Studies special programme "Ambivalent In_visibilities" took place for the first time - online.

In spring 2020, the organisational team was faced with the challenge of cancelling or adapting the format as a remote learning environment and live webinar week? The result was a great event and a very successful cooperation between the Gender Research Office (Organising coordinator: Katrin Lasthofer) and the recently established research platform GAIN (Gender:Ambivalent In_visibilities) at the University of Vienna.

Lectures and workshops were held by intenational teaching-teams: Sabine Grenz  (University of Vienna)| Susanne Hochreiter (University of Vienna)| Elisabeth Holzleithner(University of Vienna)| Daniela Koleva (Sofia University) | Claudia Kraft (University of Vienna)| Roísín Ryan-Flood (University Essex) | Ka Schmitz (University Darmstadt) | Iyola Solanke (University Leeds) | Anat Stainberg (Vienna)

18 international graduate students  enjoyed inspiring classes and especially appreciated the opportunity to discuss their own Master or PhD projects with senior experts and colleagues in an encouraging atmosphere. 

Participants 2020: Katrin Ackerl Konstantin | Victoria Englmaier | Julia Geier | Rachel Hayes Karolina Kusto | Marie Leyder | Alicja Lisiak | Manon Mariller | Berit Merla | Kathrin Reisinger | Sara Rizkallah | Janaina Oliveira Rocha | Anup Sharma | Yunna Skliarova | Agnieska Swigost-Kapocsi | Tsai Mu-Jung Anna Vleeshouwers | Tatiana Zabolotnaya

What do graduates of 2020 say about their experience at Gender Studies summer school 2020?

The classes and discussions really jogged my brain ... It is really interesting to see what other colleagues are doing in their fields of research and trying to make changes and let the forgotten voices be heard. It is so empowering to be in an environment with peers who understand what you are doing! (Mu-Jung T.)
I learned a lot, and also got helpful feedback and got inspired in many ways! It was a very busy but very good week! (Agnieszka S.)
Thank you for this wonderful organization, the fact it was online was not a problem at all! (Marie L.)