How to apply to the MA Gender Studies

The processing of your application for admission may take a longer period of time. Therefore, please submit your application as early as possible. We regret that we cannot influence the processing time and therefore cannot answer any related inquiries.

Admission requirements

Basic admission requirements

  • You must have completed an eligible degree programme.
    • All bachelor’s programmes as well as all diploma programmes at the University of Vienna are eligible.
    • Additionally, bachelor’s programmes of at least three years at recognised postsecundary education institutions are considered eligible.
  • You must provide proof of your German-language proficiency.
    • In order to submit your application, you must provide proof of your proficiency in German on at least A2 level.
    • To be admitted to the master’s programme, must provide proof of your proficiency in German on at least C1 level.
    • You can find further information on the proof of German language proficiency on the website of the Admission Office.

Qualitative admission requirements

  • In addition the the basic requirements above, you must provide proof of prior knowledge of gender theory (at least 10 ECTS) as well as a letter of motivation.
  • Please use our template for the letter of motivation (including a tabular list of your prior knowledge of gender theory).
  • In order to demonstrate your knowledge of gender theory, you must provide documentation of university-grade courses (of 10 ECTS credits or more) that address gender-theoretical questions.
  • Courses with a gender-theoretical focus are ones that do not assume gender as a given, but critically and analytically reflect on the (intersectional) production of gender as a category. Your understanding of approaches and debates in gender theory should, among others, be reflected in the literature used in seminar papers or Bachelor’s/Master’s theses.
  • The required demonstration of knowledge of gender theory is fulfilled in any case by successful completion of either of the extension curricula „Grundlagen Gender Studies“ or „Anwendungen Gender Studies“ at the University of Vienna. The knowledge required can also be demonstrated in other forms. Equivalence of knowledge is decided by the Directorate of Studies (SPL) for Gender Studies.
  • Please provide a transcript of your prior studies alongside the list of courses that involved gender theory as proof.

Further information