What we do

The Gender Research Office spans all the university departments and is part of the service department for students and teachers, with the objective of strengthening and further expanding inter- and transdisciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Vienna.

Research and Teaching

  • Organization of academic events, such as international conferences, the lecture series ("Ringvorlesung" in German) and the "Gender Talks" (in German) in addition to other events in cooperation with institutions at the University of Vienna
  • Development and support of research initiatives across the entire spectrum of Gender/Queer Studies
  • Organization of the master's programme in Gender Studies and minor programme in Gender Studies and coordination of study abroad programs via the Erasmus Program Gender Studies (in cooperation with the Gender Studies program director)


  •  Publication of scholarly titles (book series)


  • Participation in international women's and gender studies networks (ATGENDER, KEG, RINGS) and in the Genderplattform (Organizations for the advancement of women and gender studies at universities in Austria).
  • Participation in the Research platform GAIN at the University of Vienna
  • Facilitation of exchange between different scientific communities and cultures, specifically among the humanities, cultural and social sciences and natural sciences and technology studies.
  • Opening up spaces for discussion between scientists, practitioners, groups within and outside the university, and the general public.
  • Promotion of emerging scholars and assistance in scholarly work by providing opportunities for exchanges with gender specialists from a variety of fields.
  • Support for teachers beyond the boundaries of their departments and assistance in implementing gender studies approaches in curricula across all disciplines.

Gender Research Library