Letter of motivation and proof of knowledge of gender theory

In order to be admitted to the MA in Gender Studies, you need to provide a letter of motivation as well as proof that you have knowledge of gender theory of at least 10 ECTS credits. The letter of motivation must include the following information:

  • Why do you want to start a Master’s programme in Gender Studies at the University of Vienna?
  • Which gender theoretical questions have you engaged with in your previous studies?
  • Which gender theoretical knowledge of at least 10 ECTS credits have you acquired (tabular overview)?
    • Please list and explain all relevant qualifications, completed degrees or courses for which you can prove the necessary ECTS credits.
    • If the gender-theoretical focus of a course is not explicit in its title, please provide the following supplementary information: please describe in keywords the gender-theoretical course topics and/or upload the reference list of your seminar paper or the seminar paper itself in the admission process.
    • If you have completed a gender-specific Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, please upload the table of contents, abstract and reference list in the admission process.
    • Courses with a gender-theoretical focus are ones that do not assume gender as a given, but critically and analytically reflect on the (intersectional) production of gender as a category. Your understanding of approaches and debates in gender theory should, among others, be reflected in the literature used in seminar papers or Bachelor’s/Master’s theses.
  • Format: Please use our template for the letter of motivation. The letter of motivation must include your name and email address as well as your responses to the questions above (to a maximum of 3000 characters) as well as an overview of your prior knowledge of gender theory.

Contact us

You can email us if you have any inquiries specific to the MA in Gender Studies: zulassung.genderstudies@univie.ac.at

For general inquiries regarding admission, please contact the Admission Office.

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