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Import - Export - Transport: Queer Theory, Queer Critique and Activism in Motion 2011 (28.-30.4.2011)

More than 300 scholars from different fields of studies and networks gathered at the Campus of the University of Vienna on April 28-30, 2011, to challenge current debates in queer studies, queer theory and activism.

Organizers: K. Lasthofer, K. Wiedlack, S. Mesquita

The event was organised by the Gender Research Office at the University of Vienna, namely Maria Katharina Wiedlack, Sushila Mesquita and Katrin Lasthofer  with support from local queer groups such as Quote Vienna Dj-Collective, FRAME_in, RosaLilaVilla or HomoBiTrans*Collective (Student union at the University of Vienna).

Lectures, Workshops, Discussions

The aim of this conference was to open up a space for dialogue between different methodological approaches, forms of activism, research fields and interests in the "import_export_transport" of queer theory, critique and activism.

Queer studies are not only closely connected to the Anglo-American language but also to its socio-political context. Nevertheless, queer studies have travelled a lot since their emergence in the 1990s. But how and by whom was/is the term 'queer' appropriated and for which purposes, in which settings and locations – in academia as well as in activism and popular culture? Do queer theory and activism still have a radical potential within different spatial, cultural and socio-political contexts?

Vital Sign for Queer Studies at Vienna's University

After two and a half days of talks, workshops, discussions, and more, not only the speakers agreed that the conference has reached its goal: The overwhelming interest in this conference - mirrored by the participation of many excellent scholars from Universities across Europe and the US as well as by public interest - turned out to be a vital sign for the existence of a diverse and multifarious research in queer theory at the University of Vienna.

Again, the organisers would like to thank all of the speakers, workshop leaders, chairs, participants as well as many helpers, friends and funders for their contributions to make this conference happen!

Conference Publication

The conference publication was published by Zaglossus (Vienna) in 2012.

Participants and Contributors

See: Conference Program (PDF) | Conference Poster (PDF)


Kateřina Kolářová (CZ): Affective Politics of Neoliberal Exceptionalism (Evening Lecture, 28.05.2011)

Jack Halberstam (US): The Traffic in Gender (Evening Lecture, 29.05.2011


(Credits: Radio Stimme / Orange 94.0)

Panel "(Un)Translatable Queer? Or what is lost, and can be found in translation...": Robert Kulpa (PL/GB), Joanna Mizielinska (PL), Agata Stasinska (PL), Doris Artzmann (A, Chair)

Panel "The Risks and Gains of Transnational Translations of Queer Theory": Vera Sokolová, Vendula Wiesnerová (CZ), Dita Jahodová (CZ), Katerina Kolarova (Chair)

Panel "Queering Political Theory": Heike Raab (A), Eveline Kilian (D), Astrid Fellner (A/D, Chair)

Panel "Queer As Porn: De-Naturalization of Sex in Film": Kristina Pia Hofer (A), Sarah Schaschek (D), Andrea B. Braidt (A, Chair)

Talk: "Queer Comrades": Hong Wai Bao (RC/D)


Katrin Lasthofer, Sushila Mesquita, Maria Katharina Wiedlack, Conference Desk: Claudia Binder, Dorith Weber

Media Partner

In view of the conference,  Marty Huber and Markus Griesser edited a special volume of "Kulturrise" : Kulturrisse 1/2011: Queere De-/Konstruktionen: Von Abtragungen und Baustellen (only in German)


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