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GENDER TALKS: Shirley Anne Tate: "A Tale of two Olympians: Race, Gender, Nation” (30.11.2016, 18.30 Uhr)

In Kooperation mit Hanna Stepanik und Katharina Fritsch, Institut für Afrikawissenschaften

Termin: Mittwoch, 30.11.2016, 18.30 Uhr

Ort: Alois-Wagner-Saal, Sensengasse 3a / Untergeschoß, 1090 Wien

This talk focuses on discussing the Black woman's athletic body and its place in the nation through looking at two British athletes-lighter skinned, Black/white 'mixed race', Jessica Ennis MBE and darker skinned Jeanette Kwakye. These women were both chosen as brand ambassadors throughout 2012 by Proctor and Gamble (P&G). Jessica Ennis was chosen as the brand ambassador in 2012 for Olay and Jeanette Kwakye for Ariel. In the November, 30th, 2011 press release when the names of the brand ambassadors were made known P&G stated, 'Each of these athletes is leading the way in their individual fields and embody the values of leadership, integrity and passion for winning that we set ourselves and our brands at P&G'. In linking the athletes so clearly with the brand their bodies and characters were also branded as 'the best of British' by this US multinational.

Jessica Ennis, a World and Olympic champion heptathlete, has been the face and body for Powerade Zero, Addidas, Aviva, BA, Jaguar, the cosmetics brand Olay Essentials 24 Plus range, has appeared in a television ad for Banco Santander and is the face for Olay Glow Perfectors in 2013, as well as appearing as a cover girl for numerous magazines. Jeanette Kwakye was a finalist in the 100 metres at the Beijing Olympics, was not chosen for the Great Britain (GB) Olympic team (Team GB) because of injury and worked with the detergent Ariel on the PG Capital Clean Up Campaign to make London spotless for the Olympic Games.

The interest that their bodies holds is thinking through their very skin about how it is that 'race' still matters for who can represent the national GB brand and become its global icon for the Olympic Games, as well as how through branding racially ambiguous beauty can come to represent the nation even given the continuing racism of our post-race times. In analysing this skin trade the discussion focuses on the continuing coloniality of 'raced' gender dynamics through the salience of skin colour that defines national identities in contemporary 'post-race' times.

Shirley Tate ist a Cultural Sociologist and Associate Professor for "Race and Culture" at the Faculty of Education, Sozial Scienes and Law, University Leeds, United Kingdom

Organization: Hanna Stepanik and Katharina Fritsch, Departement of African Studies, and the Gender Research Office at the University of Vienna.

Supported by the  Opens external link in new windowResearch Network Gender & Acency.


A WORKSHOP with Shirley Anne TATE takes place on December 1, 2016:'Feminist Postcolonial and/or Decolonial Approaches towards the performativity of gendered, racialised and classed subjectivities'

Organization and further Information: Opens external link in new windowHanna Stepanik and Katharina Fritsch, Departement of African Studies, http://afrika.univie.ac.at/veranstaltungen/


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