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Gendered Neurocultures. Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Current Brain Discourses (2014)

The second volume within the series "CHALLENGE GENDER" by editors Sigrid Schmitz and Grit Höppner is published in May 2014.

From an interdisciplinary perspective this anthology published with Opens external link in new windowZaglossus presents differentiated analyses of scientific knowledge production concerned with sex/gender and the brain. It gains particular insights into the transformation or persistence of gendered norms that frame current neurocultures.

Gendered Neurocultures. Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Current Brain Discourses offers both reflections for the development of a feminist and queer neuroscientific research and perspectives for a gender-sensitive neuropedagogy. The approaches account for the alterability and interdependencies of brains, behaviors, societal experiences, and cultural norms. This collection prepares the reader with sound knowledge to assess brain research’s concepts, methodologies, and the value of brain references in popular media and to discuss the implications of current neurocultural discourses within politics on gendered societal order.

List of Authors: Isabelle Dussauge, Odile Fillod, Cordelia Fine, Christel Gumy, Hannah Fitsch, Daphna Joel, Grit Höppner/Sigrid Schmitz, Rebecca Jordan-Young, Edyta Just, Anelis Kaiser, Emily Ngubia Kuria, Heidi Maibom/Robyn Bluhm, Svenja Matusall, Karen O’Connell, Victoria Pitts-Taylor, Deboleena Roy, Kristina Mead Vetter and Catherine Vidal.

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