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Workshop: Epigenetics, Society & Gender (22.06.2012, 10-19 h)

The Gender Research Office, in cooperation with the Department for Bio-chemistry and Cell Biology at the University of Vienna, organized the workshop "Epigenetics, Society & Gender".

S. Schmitz

G. Egger

J. Niewoehner

M. Kenney and R. Müller

B. Mauss

Students (MA Gender Studies)

Epigenetics is a rapidly evolving field of research that opens up new ways of relating the social and the biological. The workshop aimed at discussing the resulting ethical, social and societal dimensions of this research field with international experts in epigenetics, science studies and gender studies.

This workshop is intended to be the opening event of series of interdisciplinary workshops aiming at a differentiated dialogue between natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and gender studies.


Gerda Egger (Medical University of Vienna): Epigenetics: From Basic Mechanisms to Disease

Jörg Niewöhner (HU Berlin): Epigenetics & Practice: How Bodies-in-Action May Constitute a Common Epistemic Object for Social Science and Biology
Zum Audio-Webstream des Vortrags von J. Niewöhner

Martha Kenney (University of California Santa Cruz), Ruth Müller (University of Vienna): Gendered Politics of the Epigenome. Nature, Nurture, and Parenthood in Environmental Epigenetics
Zum Audio-Webstream des Vortrags von M.Kenney u. R. Müller

Guided Discussion Groups:

Chairs: Gerda Egger (Medical University of Vienna) | Bärbel Mauss (TU Berlin) | Ruth Müller (University of Vienna) | Sigrid Schmitz (University of Vienna | Jörg Niewöhner (Humboldt University Berlin) | Students of the MA Gender Studies (Univ. of Vienna).

Outline: Guided Discussion Groups (PDF)

Concept and Organization:

Sigrid Schmitz with Ruth Müller in co-operation with Reneé Schroeder




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