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Gender Studies Complementary Study Programme - ends November 30, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: Winter Term 2016/17 comes with two new curricula for the Complementary Study Programme. For further Information please see:  Opens internal link in current windowEC Grundlagen Gender Studies (Basic Gender Studies, 15 ECTS) and Opens internal link in current windowEC Anwendungen Gender Studies (Applied Gender Studies, 15 ECTS) Students who have been enrolled with the former curriculum (30 ECTS) can finish until November 30, 2017. 

The Gender Studies Complementary Study Programme (Erweiterungscurriculum) is a minor programme for students set up according to Austrian University Law of 2002. Complementary study programmes provide students an opportunity to gain additional expertise and skills that are not covered in their bachelor study programme.


The aim of the Gender Studies Complementary Study Programme is structured in modules and seeks to provide students with an introduction to gender studies (basic module) and to enable the students to become familiar with the diversity of gender studies (advanced module). It offers students an overview of the theories and methods of gender studies and addresses key issues of gender research within individual disciplines. From the start, a specific focus is placed on the inter- and transdisciplinary approaches that are characteristic of women's and gender studies research.


Before completing the first course within a Complementary Study Programme, students are required to register for the programme. This can be done during the university's admissions period. Students may register for the Gender Studies Complementary Study Programme via UNIVIS account.


The Gender Studies Complementary Study Programme comprises of 30 ECTS credits. These are broken down into 10 ECTS credits for the Basic Module and 20 ECTS credits for the Advanced Module.


When all modules and all of the required courses are completed, the Gender Studies Complementary Study Programme is also completed. The final university transcripts have an extra entry listing the courses completed for this programme (and is also included in the final diploma as a supplement).

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